Welcome to the Illinois Society of Medical Assistants.
June 2016  Executive Memo 

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful Spring flowers and weather.    

Would like to Thank Aux Plaines Chapter and Chair Donna Radzun CMA (AAMA) for a wonderful ISMA conference.    Educational sessions were very informative.    Thanks again. 

ISMA 2016-2018 Officers
President- Becky Cruse, CMA (AAMA)   Mississippi Valley Chapter
Vice President- Donna Radzun, CMA (AAMA)  Aux Plaines Chapter
Immediate Past President-  Sharon Strutzenberg, CMA (AAMA)  Aux Plaines
Recording Secretary-Kim Gorsegner, CMA (AAMA) Rockford Chapter
Corresponding Secretary- Julie Stoffregen, CMA (AAMA) Northwest Cook
Treasurer-Sara Baer, CMA (AAMA) CPC  SIRMA
Speaker- Kathy  Schoonhoven, CMA (AAMA) CPC Rockford
Vice Speaker- Kelly Charland, CMA (AAMA)  Northwest Cook
Parliamentary Advisor- Robin Bluestein, BA CMA (AAMA) NWC
Chaplain- Linda Fultz, CMA (AAMA) Rockford
Board of Trustee Chair- Patti Bean, CMA (AAMA)  Central Illinois 

Elected Delegates to AAMA Conference in Reston, Virginia ,  September 15-19, 2016
Becky Cruse, CMA (AAMA)  President
Donna Radzun, CMA (AAMA)  Vice President
Betty Kronemeyer, CMA (AAMA)
Kim Gorsegner, CMA (AAMA)
Kelly Charland,  CMA (AAMA)
** Anything you would like to know or would like the delegates to ask at the national conference,  please contact me** 

April 2016 - General Assembly several Bylaw and Policy Manual changes were adopted.  New revisions will be out shortly.     

Please continue to save Coke products codes from cases or caps.  You can email Donna Radzun the numbers to donnabella4121@yahoo.com or can bring them to the August Symposium.   Everyone’s help collecting these add up for raffle items.    Donna also would like any travel size toiletries as she makes up packages and takes to shelters.   

If your chapter is hosting an event- please contact Sharon Strutzenberg - Website Chair at sks492@comcast.net, so she can arrange to get it posted on the website.   

Save the Dates
August 19-20, 2016  ISMA Business meeting and Symposium   Holiday Inn Rock Island   Mississippi Valley Chapter hosting-  see enclosed registration form 

September 15-19, 2016  AAMA Conference - Reston, Virginia. 

February 17-19, 2017  Winter Meeting- Comfort Suites, Normal IL—please note this is a         different hotel with continental breakfast.  

April 20-22, 2017 ISMA Conference  Hilton Gardens Inn & Conference Center, O’Fallon IL 

October 6-9, 2017    AAMA Conference in Ohio 

Look forward to seeing everyone in August.     Please keep your fellow members in your thoughts and prayers as many are struggling with illnesses or caring for family members with health issues.      PLEASE LEAVE A LITTLE SPARKLE WHERE EVER YOU GO! 
If you ever have any questions or concerns- please contact me.   
“Medical Assistants Shine and Sparkle like Diamonds”  and have  “ Hearts of Gold”.   
Becky Cruse, CMA (AAMA) ISMA President 2016-2018 3806 Jean Street East Moline, IL    61244 309-792-0707   Cell  309-738-9871