Illinois Society of  Medical Assistants





Date:               September 26, 2017


To:                   Certified Medical Assistants


From:              Shelle Ridings, CMA (AAMA) – Program Co-Chair

Sara Baer, CMA (AAMA), CPC-Program Co-Chair




The SIRMA Continuing Education Session will be held on, Saturday November 4, 2017.  Registration form for this session is enclosed for your consideration.  If you know any other CMA (AAMA) that have not received this notice, please copy it and pass it on.  If they would like to be added to the mailing list, have them contact me.


For more information visit the Illinois Society of Medical Assistants (ISMA) website under Upcoming Events at


If you have any questions regarding the information supplied, please contact Shelle Ridings at or myself at 618-691-9571(after 5pm) or by email at           .


In addition, below are listed here are a few more items SIRMA is continuing to collect. Please start collecting the following items. You can bring them to the upcoming meeting.


  • Box tops for education
  • Trial or hotel size soap, shampoo, conditioner etc


These will be ongoing projects until further notice.



Items below will accept for November meeting only will be discontinued after November 4th meeting.


Ø  P        Plastic lids such as soda, milk, laundry detergent, etc

Ø  S        Soda Tabs



Looking forward to seeing you all in November